Puppy purchase requires a 50% deposit and a signed puppy contract. If some tragedy were to befall your puppy while in our care your deposit will be refunded.  Payments can be made by wire transfer, credit card (through pay pal) or check.  Typically  we put a puppy on a 24 hour hold to give prospective buyer time to read the contract.  The 24 hour period is also to give you time to contemplate the purchase of a puppy.  This is a big decision and commitment on your part and you need to think about how a puppy will impact your life both positively and negatively.

Puppies are all individually marked with their purchase price.  If the puppy is available it will have a price, if marked "TBD" it simply hasn't been priced yet, but is available.  If it is marked "sold" it has a deposit and signed contract by its new owner.

When you receive a puppy from us, it will be up to date on all vaccinations and worming. It will have health records, registration documents and a schedule of necessary follow up boosters. If picking up in person or by ground transport we also include a starter of puppy food. If shipping by air, we will include food if allowed.  Air shipments will have puppy documents emailed in advance to new owners. with the hard copies attached to the crate.  All fees must be paid before the puppy leaves our care.

Puppies will be started on crate training, potty training and well socialized using ENS and then a tried and true program of puppy stimulation and socialization. 

That being said, we encourage you to be well prepared for your new family member. There are many types of early puppy training and most can yield good results IF you are consistent. Consistency is the most valuable ingredient in any program.  

Our breeding program does not include dogs with high drive dispositions.  Australian Shepherds with "high drive" really need to be in the hands of professional owners.  Our dogs are low to medium drive, which does not mean they are "couch potatoes", they are in fact very active and compete in all related Aussie events.  The difference is they are content to relax and enjoy life regardless of the pace.

MDR1 is a prevalent issue in all collie type dogs.  This  includes Australian Shepherds.  Even though a dog has tested free of the gene mutation, ALL Australian Shepherds should be treated with the MDR1 protocol.  You are the puppies owner and you may have to insist that your veterinarian  treats your dog with MDR1 in mind.  There have been many cases where dogs tested clear of MDR1 and had a severe reaction to certain drug therapies.  Frankly, while everyone has opinions on why this can happen, we really don't have an answer.  It is much better to be safe then sorry and it is not difficult to avoid the drug therapies that can cause a reaction.

We ship puppies across the USA and sometimes to other countries.  Millions of puppies are flown across the U.S. annually.  With a professional team in place, flying is less stressful then driving a pup across country.  Our shippers, vet, and airlines are all USDA licensed professionals.  Shipping costs include the cost of the crate, health papers, insurance, transport to the departing airline and airfare.  Most domestic shipping costs range from $350. to $450. You will pick your puppy up at the designated cargo terminal. Because puppies only fly within certain temperature and weather regulations, the details of your flight can only be confirmed 10 days before the targeted flight date.  If inclement weather cancels your puppies flight, it will simply fly the following week. 


Tips for your new puppy
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