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As preparation for your new puppy begins, we have compiled some useful information that will increase your knowledge and help you with a smooth transition. We prefer to speak to you in depth about any questions or concerns, this is just for your review in case we didn’t cover the topic.
All of our puppies are intensively vaccinated, wormed and given coccidia prevention. Your medical record of these procedures will be emailed to you a couple days before you receive your puppy.  In all cases, at 10 weeks your puppy must have a veterinary exam, vaccine boosters and wormed. Bring your medical record to your vet so he/she can make appropriate recommendations.  I do not recommend your puppy be in dog infested areas until at least 4 months (dog parks, doggy day care).  In fact, at the vet’s office, I recommend carrying your pup both outside and inside so his/her feet don’t touch the ground.  While this might be overboard, you don’t know what other dogs may have tracked to the vet’s office.  While the subject of immunity is complicated, it is best understood as from 0 days to 4 months the immune system is being created much like building blocks, each step is incredibly important.
Your registration papers will come with your puppy either handed to you or attached to the puppy’s crate.  If you need any help filling them out, give me a call.  If you would like me to register the pup for you, I will be glad to, but you need to choose a registered name ahead of time.
Extreme cold and heat are both hard on young puppies, one thing to watch for is the surface that they walk on…. Hot concrete will burn their pads, similarly, ice can frost bite their pads.
If you are picking up your puppy, I will expect to know a date and time and a means of communication while you travel.  While we are primarily at home, we are usually working outside on the farm,  so good communication will be a big plus.  PLEASE smell like a human being ... heavy perfumes are really confusing to an 8 week pup. When picking your puppy up, please understand we are not "open to the public". We are a fairly remote ranch in a very private setting.  We do not allow outside dogs to visit with ours, nor will I allow visitors dogs out of their vehicles. I want to greet you warmly when you arrive, but I cannot allow infractions of the bio security that keeps all of the puppies in my care from an accidental exposure. While I know this may seem very strict, it should in fact give you a confident understanding of how I am protecting your puppy as well as the rest of the litter. We are happy to show you the sire and dam of your new puppy, but your pup’s litter mates will be inside and not available for viewing.  I am happy to explain in further detail the reasons and science behind these restrictions.
If I am flying your puppy to you, you will want to bring a garbage bag, handi wipes, scissors, and a towel or two to the airport.  Your puppy will be in an airline approved crate with water, food, and clean bedding when he/she boards the plane. The crate is yours to keep.  Once the puppy is on board, no one is allowed to open the crate unless there is a medical emergency, so he/she may have had an accident or a “food fight”.  The crate door will be zip tied closed, making scissors necessary to unfasten it. As previously stated, your paperwork and puppy food will be taped to the outside of the crate.  (I keep copies of all this, so no worries if it is lost in transit)
Flight schedules are based on weather conditions.  Airlines make rules about when puppies can fly based on forecasted temperatures.  The safety and well-being of your puppy is their priority. For this reason, booking flights, and arrival times are not available until 7 to 10 days prior to flight days.  Our typical flight days are Tuesdays and Fridays. At the time of contract, I will give you the proposed flight day. If for some reason your puppy’s flight should be cancelled, it will be rescheduled in 2 to 7 days at no additional cost.  So having a flexible schedule to pick your pup up from the airport is helpful. When I receive your booking I will email you the info. with your flight number, time of arrival, air waybill number and pick up location.  Your air waybill number is what you use to claim your puppy as well as an ID.  You can track your puppy’s flight using the Air Waybill Number as well.  I am convinced that flying a puppy is much less stressful than driving a puppy a long distance.  The sensation of flight causes the puppies to sleep and they all arrive ready to jump out of the crate and meet their new families

Your puppy will be started on potty training.  Weather permitting, they go outside after every meal for at least 20 minutes. While in the nursery pen they have a “potty box” that they have been taught to use. Our potty box is much like a large litter box with equine pine pellets in it instead of kitty litter. These area available at most farm stores such as Tractor Supply. You can utilize this training to make life a little easier with a young puppy.  A similar box can be placed in your garage for those potty breaks during inclement weather.  Also, it makes a great addition to an exercise pen in the kitchen.  If you want to designate a “spot” in the yard you would prefer them to use you can place a patch of pine pellets there. This will help them understand the designated place at your home.

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