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Fresh Ground Beef Available! 

We currently have fresh ground beef available in 1 pound shrink wrapped packages. $5.00 per Lb. Please give us a call if interested  573-578-7566


We never use antibiotics or hormones to promote growth 

Our Beef
Our cows are angus/herford cross. This breed produces a hearty cow with gentle temperament and good marbled beef. Our beef is largely grass fed throughout the year and finished on a very high-quality feed. 
We strive to produce the quality beef that we want to see on our own dinner table; the kind of beef that cannot be purchased in the grocery store or found on a restaurant table. 

Our Lamb
We love having the sheep on the farm because they teach us about the relationship between the true Shepherd and His sheep.  Our sheep are grass fed and are supplemented with feed in the winter

Lazy J Beef & Lamb

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